Vector by Anki: Voice robot makes big splash on Kickstarter

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According to Anki, Vector’s robotic/AI manufacturer …

Vector is the answer to our sci-fi dreams. He’s a home robot who’s always on, happy to see you, voice-enabled, and eager to help.

Like Alexa and Google Assistant sedentary bots, Vector can answer questions but wait, there’s more …

Vector’s little frame is packed with an immense amount of technology that brings him to life. He takes in the world using a variety of sensors and then responds realistically. This means he can read a room, hear what’s happening, recognize people and objects, find his charger, navigate his space, and avoid obstacles.

And a premium has been placed on Vector’s personality …

Vector’s character is central to the relationship you’ll have with him when you bring him home. Our goal was to develop a genuine, believable, and surprising personality that naturally reacts to the inputs it receives from its computer vision and emotion engines.

As of this writing, Anki has raised $503,172 towards its goal of $500,000, with 2,240 backers.

Get the full story on Vector at Kickstarter.

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