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Voice AI technology is already doing amazing things but what is the trajectory? What things will it do in the future? Neha Bahri, Founder of Bconnect Communication, shared her vision for the future in an article for Entrepreneur.  She said …

Voice is the most natural way for people to communicate. That’s why the use of voice search in media is skyrocketing. Even in India, the voice is becoming a dominant way to interact with computers – Google reported that Hindi Voice Queries are growing 400% YoY. Media companies are scrambling to meet this demand – YouTube has a voice search …

And …

 Once the media can understand voice interactions, it can start to interact with you. This creates exciting new avenues for storytelling. Look at a company like Novel Effect, which has created a new experience of reading storybooks with children. As you read the book aloud, the smart voice recognition stays in sync and the AI automatically plays custom-created music like thunder, violins or songs at the right time to keep the child engaged in the story. The media is now talking with you, understanding you and then creating something completely new. Is this still a book or something more? Is it a story or an experience? AI is unshackling media from the traditional silos of audio, video and text and fusing them together into something exciting.

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