The Voice of Healthcare Summit happens August 7th


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The Voice of Healthcare Summit is happening soon!

According to the site,

Voice technology – or, more properly, “voice-first” technology – is technology humans control primarily through voice, instead of touch-screens, or keyboard/mouse, or any other means being the primary interface.

Voice is an integral part of our humanity, from our mother’s voice, to our inner voice, to our spoken voice. It only makes sense that computing, as time advances, will evolve to being voice-first.

Healthcare is beginning to evolve as well, to incorporate the advances that voice-first computing has ushered in.

The Voice of Healthcare Summit is the event which will provide thought leadership, and sharing of best practices, around how voice-first technology can improve healthcare operations, and improve patient outcomes, today as well as into the future.

It happens at the Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. For the full story, click here.

Can’t make it but want to get connected? The Summit is a production  and  VoiceFirst.FM and you can follow the expert speakers via their Twitter links on the event speaker line-up page.

1 thought on “The Voice of Healthcare Summit happens August 7th

  1. Nancy Chansavang

    I wish I was able to make this event! Hopefully there are some video snippets of the event online afterwards.

    August 7, 2018 at 12:00 am

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